Follow this checklist and get your computer Remo ready!

To get the full networking experience use a computer with a camera and microphone. It's not required but will let you have an amazing experience!

As we use the latest video technology, make sure your browser and OS is updated to the latest version. Please check that you are using a compatible browser and OS that fulfills the versions listed in the table below.

Click here to check your OS and browser version

We currently only support Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser on your desktop/laptop computer. 

Mobile view can be accessed and is in beta!

Before the event, check that your microphone and camera works and that your browser, hardware and internet connection fulfills our requirements on this test page

If your camera or microphone does not work here are some troubleshooting guides to help you resolve common issues:

My camera and microphone does not work on Windows 10

My camera and microphone does not work on MacOSX

If your camera or microphone still does not work, go here and click on the "Need Help" button on the bottom left corner, we also have a self-help guide here for microphone or camera issues.

Locate yourself in a quiet place with a non-distracting background.

Watch this youtube video for instructions on How to use Remo

Go to the link that was sent to you and register with your name, email and password.

Most importantly have fun and a great event!
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