Note: Before you broadcast your event, your YouTube account must have full live streaming capabilities. To set up live streaming capabilities, visit our Helpdesk article on how to Set Up Youtube Live Stream Integration.

Log into your Remo Account with your email address and password. The “My Events” page opens.

Select the event you would like to broadcast.

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the event. A drop down menu appears.

Select “Edit Event” from the drop down menu. The “Edit event settings” window appears.

From the left side menu, select “Broadcast.” The Broadcast section now appears.

Click the button, “Connect YouTube Live.” A window appears prompting you to “Choose an account” with a list of email addresses saved to your device. Choose the email address corresponding to the YouTube account you would like to connect. (This does not have to be the same as your Remo subscriber email.)

Select the email you want to use. Make sure the email you select corresponds to an existing YouTube account. A popup appears asking you to Grant Remo Conference permission to manage your YouTube account.

Click “Allow.” A confirmation page appears for you to verify the permission.

Click “Allow” again. The button that previously said, “Connect YouTube Live” should now appear as “Disconnect YouTube Live.” A box also appears with the URL for your event live stream.

Click “Copy Link” to save the live stream URL to your clipboard.

Now, click “Prepare” on the left side of “Edit Event Settings.”

Paste the link into the space under “Event Page Description.” You may choose to add text to help orient your attendees, such as “Access the YouTube Livestream Here.”

Click “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner.

On the “My Events” page, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your event. A dropdown menu appears.

Select “View Event Landing Page.” This is what an attendee will see when they go to your event link.

Click on the URL in the Event Page Description. There should now be a black screen with a message that the event will be live in a few moments.

Exit this tab and return to the "My Events" page.

When the event starts, click "Present" in the bottom toolbar. A popup appears.

Select “Stream Your Event on YouTube Live,” then select the option to “Start in 30s” or “Start Now.” You will now see yourself in presentation mode.

At the top of the screen, you will notice a bar that says, “Connecting to YouTube.” Once connected, this will change to “Streaming to Remo space and YouTube Live.”

Once you are finished streaming, click “Quick Event” on the bottom toolbar.

To access the video on YouTube, go to Your channel dashboard will appear.

On the left side menu, click on “Videos.” Two tabs appear, “Uploads” and “Live.”

Click on “Live.” Your video will appear as “Unlisted,” meaning that it can only be viewed by those who have the link. It will not appear on your channel or in YouTube search results.

When desired, you may choose to make your video public. To do so, hover your cursor over “Unlisted” and click on the arrow to the right. A menu appears.

To publish the event immediately, select “Save or publish,” then press “Public.”

26a. Click “Publish” in the bottom right corner. The visibility will now be changed to public.

To schedule the publication of your video, select “Schedule.” Input the desired date, time, and time zone to publish your video.

27a. Click “Schedule” in the bottom right corner. The live stream will now be published at the scheduled date and time.

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