To connect your Slack account in Remo:

Log in to your virtual office. If you are not connected yet to your Slack account, you will see a message on a red box located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Click the ‘**Open Chat**’ button.

Click on ‘**Connect Slack**’ located on top of the chat box.

A new window will pop asking for your Slack information. Enter your workplace Slack url and click ‘**Continue**’.

Sign in to your Slack account.

After signing in, click on the ‘**Allow**’ button to approve the request to connect.

That’s it! All of your Slack channels will now appear on the Remo chat box.

To disconnect your slack account in Remo:

Click on the three horizontal lines located on the upper left corner of the screen to open settings.

Click on ‘**Disconnect Slack**’.

A pop message message will appear once you have successfully disconnected Slack.

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