There are a number of ways to promote and market your event on Remo.
We have put together a checklist to get you started. 

Marketing Campaign

Marketing emails

Start an email campaign 3 weeks before your event, with each email building onto the next leading up to your event

Sample Email Schedule

1 day after your event
1 hr before your event
1 day before your event
3 days before your event
5 days before your event
7 days before your event
10 days before your event
14 days before your event
17 days before your event
21 days before your event

Social Media

Post on social media up to 21 days before your event,
For each social media platform, post a minimum of 6-10 times before your event
Use images that look good
If you use videos, remember to add captions

Sample Marketing Message:

I am hosting [event name] for [target market] learn [enter 1-2 key learnings] on [date and time] join us! Register here [link]

Also Try

Creating and sharing a physical flyer
Promotions with speakers, e.g. discounted ticket
1 min video from each speaker dripped out through email and social shares
FB (BeLiveTV) and IG live streams and invite each speaker to promote the event and their talk.
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