It is important to prepare for situations where an attendee is being disruptive or otherwise needs to be removed. Follow the steps below to remove an attendee from your event.

Note that you can only remove a participant in conversation mode. If you are in presentation mode, you must end the presentation and enter conversation mode to remove the participant.

In conversation mode, find the icon of the attendee you would like to remove.

Right-click on the icon. A drop down menu appears.

Select “Remove attendee” from the drop down menu. A popup appears.

If you would simply like to remove the attendee from the map, but allow them to re-enter the event using the same link, select “Just remove from map.” To block an attendee from the event permanently, select “Block attendee.”

Unblocking an Attendee

Open the “My Events” page.

Find the event you would like to unblock the user from. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the event. A drop down menu appears.

Select “Edit Event.” The Edit Event Settings window appears.

Click on “Registration.” A list of attendees who joined the event appears. The person you blocked will have a red icon to the right of their entry, as shown below.

To unblock the user, click on the red icon. A pop up message appears.

Click “Ok.” The user may now re-enter the event.

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