Open your Powerpoint presentation.

As a host, event manager, or speaker in presentation mode, select “Share Screen” from your bottom toolbar. A new window appears.

Select the tab labeled, “Application Window.” A list of windows that are currently open appears. Note that the presentation must be open. If it is minimized, it will not appear in the list.

Select your Powerpoint presentation.

Click “Share” in the bottom right of the window. Now your Powerpoint is visible to the entire audience.

Now, return to the Powerpoint. In the toolbar, select “Slideshow.”

Select “From Beginning.”

The audience will now be able to see each slide in full screen, without displaying the slide layout on the left. Note that you will not be able to see Remo (or any other application) unless you press “Esc.” to exit Slideshow mode.

Alternatively, reading view allows you to view other applications, enabling you to switch conveniently between Powerpoint and your browser. To enable reading view, select “View” from the Powerpoint toolbar, then “Reading View.”

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