We’ve released yet another feature to help you create your brilliant online interactive events.

You got it! The timer feature is now yours to use however you wish!

Here’s how?

Click on the ‘More’ button on your menu, and then click ‘Timer’

Fill in the required information:
Number of sessions: how many rounds do you want timed?
Duration of each session: how long do you want each round to last?
Breaks between each session: how much buffer time do you want in between rounds (so attendees can finish off conversations or move rooms)?

Once you’ve filled it in press 'Set'

Now at the top of your screen you should see a red bar, as shown. If you wish to edit any of the previous information you entered about the timer, just press the 'pencil' icon and re-enter the information. You will not be able to edit it once you start the timer.

To begin the timer simply press on the green 'play' icon.

Once you start the timer, the bar will turn green and begin counting down according to the duration you previously entered.

If you wish to stop the timer during the round, you can do so by clicking the red 'stop' icon on the green bar.

Once you are finished with the timer, you can close it by clicking again on the 'More' button on your menu, and then clicking 'Timer' once again to stop it.

And there you have it!

But that's not all... by request... the timer feature is also now available in presentation mode! Yippee! (The way to set up and stop the timer whilst in presentation mode is exactly the same as above)

There are multiple different ways you can utilize this timer feature to enhance your events, so have fun experimenting ✨

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