What's the difference?

Run the World provides a lot of templates for users to build on when creating specific events, which can make it easier for hosts to get started. However, this marks the biggest difference between using Remo and using Run the World. Remo lets hosts create whatever event they want instead - it lets hosts use Remo however they prefer, whether its for a presentation or a virtual treasure hunt. There are multiple opportunities for events hosted on Remo. Additionally, Remo keeps attendees on a single page, so your entire event is kept together. For example, during an initial networking session attendees on Remo can jump around freely from table to table, joining different conversations and meeting new people as they please. Then when it comes time for the presentation, the host and attendees can transition seamlessly into presentation mode, without leaving the event space or opening another website. Moreover, Remo makes it easier for attendees to connect with each other through a number of integrations such as LinkedIn, various meeting booking applications and many more.
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