Isn't it cool to show your own branding to your event attendees and speakers? In this article, you will find out the things you can and can't achieve with our Custom Event Branding feature.

Custom Event Branding is only available exclusively for our Studio Plan only.

To know how to turn the Custom Event Branding feature on, please check the article here.

Custom Event Branding lets you give a personalized brand experience to your attendees and speakers.

You can replace the Remo logo within the Remo dashboard with your brand logo. In the screenshot below, you can see the Remo logo is replaced by a custom logo -

Your custom logo will also show up on the Event Landing Page or the attendee event registration page.

You can set up a custom domain and can publish your meeting rooms and booking pages on instead of

Please note that this custom domain feature is only available for our Studio plan.
Please check here for more information about setting up a custom domain.

Current limitations of Customer Event Branding

The Remo login page will still show Remo's branding

The emails sent to your Attendees, Event Managers and Speakers will still have the Remo branding.

However, you can also turn off sending these emails.

To do this, please go to your upcoming Event you created, then click Edit Event Settings -> Registration tab -> and check "Do not send registration emails to guests" as shown below. This way you can restrict emails going to your guests.

Please note that our Custom Event Branding isn't a full-fledged White Labelling feature at the moment.
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