You can invite attendees to your event by sharing a URL to your registration page. There are 2 ways you can find this:

1. Event Settings

Select 'edit event settings'

Under edit event settings, select 'Promote'

Once you are on the 'Promote Event' page, you will find a share event link.

You can use this share event link to invite attendees to your event.

2. Admin Page

You can also find a URL to your event registration page under the 'my events' page.
The my events page can be found on your Remo admin page.

On the events page:

You will find a list of events

If you hover over an event image you will find three dots in the top right-hand corner

Right-click on the three dots and a mini-drop menu will appear

The last option is 'Copy Invite URL'

Copy this invitation URL to share with your attendees.

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