You can add event managers to your Remo account and grant them access to all your events without sharing your login credentials.

Here is how you can add more people to manage your event:

1. Log in to your account at

2. Click the menu button (3 parallel horizontal lines) located at the upper left corner of the page

3. Click ‘Settings’

4. Scroll down and click the ‘Add event manager’ button

5. Type in the email address of the person to invite as a manager. Press Enter and click ‘Add managers’

Please note that you cannot add an email that is already associated as an Event Manager for another Remo Account. Please ask the user you'd like to invite as an Event Manager to ask their Account Owner to remove them as an Event Manager first.

6. The email address(es) will be added under Event Manager(s) and will be tagged as ‘Pending’. Inform your team manager(s) to accept the invitation by clicking the ‘Join company as Event Manager’ button on the invitation email. They will be directed to login at

7. Once the new Event Manager(s) accepts the invitation, the ‘Pending’ tag will be removed and they can now view and manage all events using their account

8. To remove an account as an Event Manager, click the ‘Remove’ button located next to the email address

You can check this article for the differences between a host and event manager