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Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • A HeySummit account with an event you’ve created

  • A Remo account

If you’ve got that ready, follow the steps below..

Set up your Remo account integration:

  1. Press the menu button (3 parallel horizontal lines) on the top left of your screen

  1. Press ‘Settings’

  1. Select ‘Third-party integration’

  1. Press the green ‘Generate’ button to generate an API token key

  1. Press the ‘Copy’ button to copy it onto your clipboard

Connect Remo to HeySummit:

  1. Go to the event you’ve created in HeySummit

  2. Click ‘Event Setup’ and then ‘Hosts’

  1. Press ‘Add Host’ to create a host, and then fill in the first name, last name and email and hit ‘Save’

  1. Click ‘Connect Webinar Provider’

  1. Select Remo from the Webinar Providers for the host you created

  1. Paste the API key that we just copied from Remo and hit ‘Save’. Now you should see Remo as the webinar provider for that host.

  1. Click ‘Content’ and then ‘Talks’

  1. Select the button ‘Add Talk’ and fill in the required details just as you normally would when using HeySummit, and then hit ‘Save’ 

  1.  Click on the 3 dots of your newly created talk, and select ‘Video Settings’ and then ‘Live Sessions’

  1. Select the host you just created (at Step 3) and then hit ‘Save’

  1. Your talk will then say creating webinar (It may take some time to get ready, so no worries). Once its ready, you should be able to see the actual Remo link

Assign Remo to your upcoming event:

  1. Go back to your Remo dashboard and refresh the page

  2. You should now see the event you just created

And that’s it! Users can now register for your event in HeySummit and be taken directly into your Remo space without needing to register again.

Here's a video tutorial demonstrating how to create a Remo Event in HeySummit: