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We've just introduced Content Banners! These are the upgraded versions of sponsor banners, giving you far more flexibility over the type of content you display, how it's shown within events, AND where it's shown (more specifically, which floor(s) it's shown on)

Learn more about content banners and how you can start using them!

Please note, Sponsor Banners are being replaced with the Content Banners. All new events created after May 5, will be using Content Banners by default instead.

When you create an event, you have to make sure you choose a Floor plan that has sponsor banner slots. 

1. Click on 'Create Event'

2. Choose if you want to create your own custom event or use one of our templates

For plans with more sponsor banner slots available (should you need them), please contact our support by pressing the 'Need help?' button or design your own custom floor plan

3. Click the 'Sponsors' tab and then the 'Add Sponsor' button

If it is not clickable it may be because the floor plan you have selected does not contain any sponsor banner slots. Please go back to the 'Floor Plan' tab and then select a floor plan with sponsor banner slots.

4. Fill in the name of the Sponsor Company and upload the image that will appear on your floor plan

5. Upload your Sponsor's Advertisement (this can be either an image, gif, or video)

6. Personalize the Call-To-Action Button (i.e. what do you want the button to say?)

7. Insert a Call-To-Action link. This link is optional, even if it's left empty guests can still click this button

8. Choose the banner location on the floor plan

If you choose not to use a sponsor banner slot, in your floor plan this space will just be empty in your floor plan. See below for an example:

9. Click the 'Save Sponsor' button near the top of the page

10. Fill in the rest of your event details, once you're done click the 'Summary' tab and then 'Save Event'

After the event, you can also download a list of guests that clicked the Call to Action button for each of your sponsor banners. Just go into your event settings, then go to the 'Prepare' tab and then 'Sponsors' and click the 'statistics' icon next to the banner you'd like the information for, as shown below:

You may also extract this information by using our data dashboard. Please click here to learn more about post event data.

Here's a cool Sponsor Guide, which you can use to describe to your sponsors what they can expect from sponsoring a Remo event

How does it work for guests?

Guests can click the banner on the floor plan to open the ad.

They follow the link by pressing the call to action button or if they don't want to then they can click 'Back to event'

Don't have sponsors? No biggie! 

You can still use the sponsor banner slots for different purposes.

Check this article for ideas!