China blocks thousands of websites (more than 8,000 websites to date) using its notorious filtering system, and this includes Remo. But you don’t need to worry, despite China’s aggressive take on the Internet to block sites, VPN may do the trick to help you access Remo

Unlike proxies and browser extensions, a good VPN will encrypt your data so that it is virtually unreadable to hackers and government surveillance programs. You’ll also have your choice of virtual locations across the globe so you can easily bypass geoblocking

Although there have been strict government crackdowns on VPNs, there are still a select few providers that will work in China

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Above all else, we recommend installing a VPN before you travel to China. But do not worry if you are in China already, most VPN providers have a secondary alternative website that is not currently blocked by the Great Firewall. The VPN providers occasionally change the domain name of that secondary website so that they can continually avoid the censorship