To upgrade or downgrade your current plan, you have to:

1. Open your account settings (Click the 3 parallel horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen, and then click 'Settings')

2. Select 'Plan & Billing'

3. Press 'Change Plan'

Now you can choose a different plan. To compare plans, check our Pricing and Plans Page

If you upgrade or downgrade, you will be charged the difference between your original plan and your new plan from the day you upgraded/downgraded till the end of your billing cycle (i.e. the subscription amount is prorated for that period in the billing cycle) 

For example, if your Director Plan billing cycle starts on the 1st of the month, and after 9 days you decide to upgrade to the next tier - Producer Plan. You will be credited for the unused portion of your Director Plan (22 days). You will also only be paying for the higher tier plan for the remainder of your billing cycle, which in this case is 22 days.

Total Price (US$)
Duration (days)
Final Amount (US$)
Director Plan (Used portion of your plan)
$4509 days used$450 x (9 days/31 days)$130.65
Amount Credited to your account (Unused portion of your plan)

$450 - $130.65-$319.35
Cost of Producer Plan for the remainder of your billing cycle
$85022 days will be used$850 x (22 days/31 days)$603.23
Total Amount you will be charged for the upgrade
$603.23 - $319.35$283.88

When you upgrade from a monthly to an annual plan, please note your billing cycle dates will change

Please note that the upgrade/ downgrade may take some time to apply to your account. However, please try a hard refresh (CTRL+SHIFT+R on Windows or CMD+SHIFT+R on Mac) on your 'Plan & billing' page first.