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Please note, before you broadcast your event, your YouTube account must have full live streaming capabilities. To set up live streaming capabilities, check out this article on how to set up Youtube Live Stream Integration

Only Presentation Mode can be livestreamed to Youtube Live, this includes audio & video streams as well as screen shares. Any videos shared using the 'Share Video' functionality will not be livestreamed to Youtube Live, however.

Connecting your Remo Account to Youtube Live:

1. Go to your My Events dashboard

2. Find the event you would like to broadcast to Youtube, and hover over it

3. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the event image. The Event Settings Panel should appear

4. Click the 'Extras' tab, and then 'Stream'

5. Click the 'Connect Youtube Live' button. A window appears prompting you to 'Choose an account' with a list of email addresses saved to your device. Choose the email address corresponding to the YouTube account you would like to connect (This does not have to be the same as your Remo subscriber email)

6. A popup appears asking you to grant Remo Conference permission to manage your YouTube account

7. Click 'Allow', a confirmation page appears for you to verify the permission

8. Click 'Allow' again. The button that previously said, 'Connect YouTube Live' should now appear as 'Disconnect YouTube Live.' A box also appears with the URL for your event live stream 

9. Click 'Copy Link' to save the live stream URL to your clipboard

10. Now, back to your Remo event – click the 'Prepare' tab and then the 'Event Details' tab on the left side of the Event Settings Panel

11. Paste the link into the space under 'Event Page Description'. You may choose to add text to help orient your guests, such as 'Access the YouTube Livestream Here:'

12. Fill in the rest of the details of your event if you haven't already done so. Once you're done click the 'Summary' tab and then 'Save Event'

13. On the My Events page, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your event image. A dropdown menu should appear

14. Select 'View Event Landing Page', this is what a guest will see when they click your event link 

15. Click on the Youtube Live Stream URL in the Event Page Description. There should now be a black screen with a message that the event will be live in a few moments as shown below:

Broadcasting Presentation Mode to Youtube Live:

16. When you're ready to start broadcasting to Youtube Live, click the 'Present' button in the bottom menu toolbar. A popup appears.

17. Check the box for 'Stream to YouTube', and choose how you'd like to start the presentation (with your microphone and camera on or off, and whether you'd like to 'Start Now' or 'Start in 30s'. You will now see yourself in presentation mode.

18. At the top of the screen, you will notice a bar that says, 'Connecting to YouTube' Once connected, this will change to 'Connected to YouTube'

Please note there is about a 10-20s delay when streaming to Youtube Live.

19. Now go to your Youtube Studio Account, and click 'Content' and then 'Live'

20. Find your Livestream video (should be under the 'Live now' section), and make sure the video visibility is not set to 'Private', otherwise, your guests may not be able to see your livestream

21. Hover over the livestream and click the pencil icon to further edit your video's settings. Scroll down and select 'Show more' to access the advanced settings.

22. Under 'License and distribution', ensure the box for 'Allow embedding' is checked

23. Click 'Save' in the upper right corner of your screen to save your changes.

24. Once you are finished with your presentation and you are ready to end your livestream, exit the Presentation mode by clicking the 'Present' button in your bottom menu toolbar once more.

Each time you leave Presentation Mode, users watching your Youtube Live Stream on the Remo Link (, will see the following message: "The event will be live in a few moments. Stay close. We will be starting soon." Once you resume Presentation Mode, the live stream should resume again as well.

After your Event:

25. After your event, you can still access the Youtube stream through your channel dashboard. (see step 19 above). Since your stream has ended though, your video should now appear under the 'Live replays' section.

26. You can now change your video's visibility if you like by selecting an option from the visibility dropdown menu. You can also choose whether you'd like to publish your video now or schedule it for a future date. Once you've decided, click 'Save' or 'Publish' or 'Schedule' (depending on what you've selected) in the bottom right corner.