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Event Hosts can change the name of a table. Here's how:

1. Enter your event space by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your event card in your My Events dashboard. And then click 'Enter Event'.

2.  Right-click on the table you want to change the name of and click 'Change table name' from the dropdown menu that appears -OR- hover over the table, and click the pencil icon

3.  Enter your preferred table name in the text box provided (maximum: 25 characters)

You can also add emojis for a bit of fun!

4. Check the box for Change name of this table on every floor if you want the changes to be applied on that table for all the other floors as well. Leave it unchecked if you want to apply it to just this table specifically.

5. Click on 'Save' and the table name will be updated

And ta-da, the table name has now changed!

You can name your tables after whatever you want! Some ideas could include naming them after:

  • Sponsor Companies
  • Ice-breaker topics
  • Different countries/ hobbies of your guests
  • Discussion Topics
  • Group Names