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Would you like to chat with someone else at the event? Perhaps a specific individual, or even a group of people?

Well, Remo's Chat Feature lets you do both of those! And it's super simple to use...

1. Click 'Chat' in your bottom menu toolbar

The Chat feature is available for all users (Event Hosts, Speakers, and Guests)

2. Select the type of chat you'd like to use (in other words, who you would like to chat with).

Remo has three different types of chats:

What is it used for?Can you delete or export this chat?Additional Notes
General Chat 
(Public Chat)
Messages will be sent to everyone in the event space (regardless of floor or table).The Event Host can delete or export general chat messages, guests cannot.
Table Chat
(Public Chat)
Messages will only be received by those currently sitting at the same table.Only Event Hosts can delete Table Chat messages.

Table Chat messages cannot be exported though.
When you move to a table, you will not see old messages that were written before you came.
Private chat
(Private Chat)
Using the Private Chat you can send a personal, direct message to anyone in the event, you don't need to be sitting at the same table*.These messages cannot be deleted by either Event Hosts or Guests

Private Chat messages can be exported though, but only by one of the users of that Private Chat
These messages are private, therefore Event Hosts cannot see any messages sent using Private Chat.

*The participants listed in the Chatbox represent anyone that has entered the event previously. In other words, if a guest joins the event and then leaves, their name is still shown in this list.

3. Type in the message you'd like to send into the textbox. You can add emojis, or attach files here as well!

 There is no restriction on the file format or size for message attachments.

4. Click the blue Send button when you're ready to send your message!

And there you have it!