If you recently setup a custom CNAME domain you might notice an error (error:session expired) when trying to enter a meeting room

This is because you are blocking third party cookies in your browser. When you create a custom domain, the cookies of Remo.co become third party 

In Chrome and Firefox, you have 2 options on how to solve this, in Safari only the first option is possible

Option 1: Disable 'block third party cookies'

1. Open the settings of your browser and go to 'privacy and security'

2. Make sure the box for 'Block third party cookies' is disabled:

  • For Chrome click here: Click on 'site-settings' and then on 'cookies and site data'. Now disable the 'block third party cookies' option 
  • For Safari: Go to Safari Preferences, click on 'Privacy' and make sure the checkbox 'Block all cookies' is not checked

Option 2: Add exceptions to 'block third party cookies'

In Chrome and Firefox it is possible to add exceptions in blocking third party cookies.  

Open the settings of your browser and go to 'privacy and security'

  • For Chrome: 

1. Click on 'site-settings' and then on 'cookies and site data'

2. Now find the 'Allow' section and click 'Add'

3. Paste '[*.]remo.co' and click on 'Add'. If you refresh the meeting room page the error will be gone!

  • For Safari:

1. Click the 'Privacy and Security' section in the Firefox Browser settings

2. Then under the 'Cookies and Site Data' section click 'Manage Permissions'

3. Fill in Remo.co and click on 'Allow'. You will see that https:// and http:// Remo.co is added. Now click on 'Save Changes'. If you refresh your meeting room page, the error should be gone!

If this didn't solve the error, contact us on the chat!

Please make sure to contact us before your event though, as we cannot guarantee immediate assistance