Do you need to break down the work or distance barrier?


Organize a Fun Remo Happy Hour! ✨

Where you can play games and have fun together remotely!

To do this, all you'll need to know is how to use the whiteboard... if you're not too familiar with this then go ahead and watch this quick video tutorial that'll show you all you need to know. If you're good to go, then follow the instructions below...

Please note, this is only available for those with access to the Deskle Whiteboard. If you are not using Deskle, you will not be able to embed games directly in the whiteboard (but you can link to them, so they open in another tab)

1. Press the 'More' (...) button on the bottom menu toolbar

2. Select 'Whiteboard'

3. From the list of tools on the left hand side, choose 'Upload' and then select 'Media Embeds'

4. Paste the link of your game in the box provided and click 'Submit'

5. Click anywhere on the whiteboard to embed the game

6. And Ta-daaaa! The link will now appear on the table's whiteboard and all your guests have to do is open the whiteboard, click the link and they can play the game inside Remo! ✨

Here's an example of a game you can try embedding:

1. Open up the whiteboard and click 'Upload' and 'Media Embed'

2. Add the following game link into the box provided and click 'Submit'

3. Click anywhere on the whiteboard to embed the game

4. Once embedded, click the game link and the game will load in Remo itself

5. Have fun!

Here's a list of the games we've tried embedding into the whiteboard so far, if you've found some more message us and we'll add them to the list!