Hey there Partner!

Here’s a list of the resources we’ve made available to you to help you on your journey as a Remo Affiliate:

All these assets are available on your FirstPromoter account under the tab 'Assets'




Welcome Pack

This is your introduction to the Affiliate Program, it includes important information such as Policies, Processes and Procedures, so please take a look through it when you first start as an Affiliate

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rAkw5-EHegyB2EtvnjNhYqc8TO4fq7d_ql17_SmCZxY/edit#heading=h.jemwnawzz3fw (for legacy Affiliates before 23rd July, 2020)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DmvgZ9mYyq2bjp5N-Sov7rP8zWuLEbQw0Rji-K7B_JY/edit#heading=h.jemwnawzz3fw (for new Affiliates after 23rd July, 2020)

How to Use FirstPromoter?

A quick tutorial video showing you the functions of FirstPromoter and how you can use it


Comparison Chart: Remo Vs. Veertly

A handy chart to quickly visualize the core differences between Remo and Veertly


Comparison Chart: Remo Vs. Shindig

A handy chart to quickly visualize the core differences between Remo and Shindig


Comparison Chart: Remo Vs. Airmeet

A handy chart to quickly visualize the core differences between Remo and Airmeet


Comparison Chart: Remo Vs. RuntheWorld

A handy chart to quickly visualize the core differences between Remo and RuntheWorld


Comparison Chart: Remo Vs. Hopin

A handy chart to quickly visualize the core differences between Remo and Hopin


Remo Sales Guide

A helpful checklist for key items to cover during a Sales Conversation with a Lead


Remo Help Center

Access to 130+ articles on various features and how to use Remo


Remo FAQ

A list of the frequently asked questions and their respective answers


Remo Guests How to Guide

A comprehensive guide hosts can give to their guests explaining basic functions and how to access Remo events


Remo 101

A great starter resource explaining the essentials of the Remo Conference Platform


Remo Video Tutorials

Quick feature 1 min video tutorials demonstrating how to use various Remo features


Business Development Assets

Various posters and presentations you may find helpful when explaining Remo to a potential lead


How to find/ create your referral links in FirstPromoter

An article demonstrating how you can find or create your referral links in the FirstPromoter platform


How to set up your Remo Affiliate Account

An article illustrating how you can sign up and create your very own Affiliate Account


Terms & Conditions

A list of the terms & conditions of the Remo Affiliate Program