Good news Remo Family! The highly anticipated Agenda AND Run of Show features are officially live on Remo!!!

This means you can kick your awesome events into higher gear, with structure, professionalism, and a calm team (we all know how stressful event planning can be...)

This article focuses on the  Run of Show, which will help you plan out all the actions you'll need to take during your event, according to your agenda.

Only Event Hosts (Account Owners and Event Managers) can edit AND view the Run of Show

Before, you can create your Run of Show, you need to plan your agenda first by following the instructions in this article: How to use the Agenda?

1. Find the Event you would like to create a Run of Show for on your My Events page. Click the 'Run of Show' button in the upper left corner of the event card.

2. Click 'Open Run of Show'

You will only be able to click this button, if you have already created your agenda first. If you have not done so, click the 'Event Agenda' tab and follow the instructions here.

3. You will see the agenda in detail. In order to add action items, make sure you are on 'Edit Mode' in the Run of Show. 

To add an action item for any of the agenda items, click the 'Add' button next to the respective agenda item.

4. You can select from 6 different Action Items:

A. Set an announcement

B. Start Presentation mode

C. Stop Presentation mode

D. Play a Video during Presentation mode

E. Remove a Video during Presentation mode

F. Create a Note - this is an internal note for yourself and other Event Hosts

5. Fill in the corresponding details, just like you would if you were doing the action during the event itself. You also need to select a time you would like the action to happen, this time must be between the respective agenda item's time.

6. Once you're done filling in the details click 'Save Action'.

7. The Action Items will now appear next to the respective Agenda Items as shown below:

You can describe the action for yourself and other Event Hosts in the Description Notes section

8. Once you're finished adding all your Action Items, click on the Close ['X'] button in the upper right corner of the screen, and you should see a brief overview of your Run of Show. If you need to edit it again, you can click 'Open Run of Show'.

Once you are done completely, click 'Go to Summary' and then 'Save Event'.

9. In the event itself, you can open the Run of Show by clicking on the black Run of Show button in the top Event Banner (this will only be visible to Event Hosts).

10. Once your event is live and you open the run of show to perform actions, make sure you are on 'Live Mode' in the Run of Show.

11. When you're ready to perform an action, just click on the respective Action Item, and then click the Action button. 

For example, in the image below, I'm ready to send the Welcome Announcement, so I click on the Announcement action item and click 'Send Announcement'.

12. The Action will perform as it normally does.

13. Once an Action has been performed, a check mark appears on the right hand side of the item, marking it as completed. (If you hover over the check mark, it will also show you the latest date and time the action was completed as well)

You can also repeat action items, by just clicking on the item again (even if it has a check mark), and clicking the action button again.

14. When in Live Mode, if you realize you need another action item for later in the event, you can add an action directly by clicking 'Add Action' in the upper right hand corner of the Run of Show screen.

IMPORTANT: Please note, just because you add an action item into the Run of Show, does not mean it will perform automatically. You must still initiate the action when you want it to occur. The Run of Show helps you organize all those actions for you and your team and makes the execution of them faster and smoother.