1. Log in to your virtual office in Remo.co as Administrator and click the three parallel horizontal lines located at the upper left corner of the virtual office to open the menu.


2. Click on ‘Manage Members’.


3. Click on the ‘New Member’ button.


4. You can add ‘New Members’ of your team by sending an invitation email or sharing the invitation link.

Sending an Invitation Email:

Type in the email addresses of your members. Use a comma to separate each email address and finally click on the ‘Send emails’ button.


A popup message will appear once the email has been sent successfully. Inform your team members to check their emails and click on the ‘Accept Invitation’ button. They will be asked to log in. It is recommended to login using their Google accounts.


Sharing the Invitation link

Click on the ‘Copy to Share’ button to copy the link.


Send the link to your teammates in an individual message or in a group email message. Once they click on the embedded link they will be asked to log in. It is recommended to login using their Google accounts.

5. Your newly added teammates’ information will appear on the ‘Manage Member’ page once they finish the registration process. 

6. To remove teammates just click on the three dots and click the ‘Remove’ button.