The whiteboard feature is a great tool for collaboration or featuring media. Each table in conversation mode has its very own whiteboard. Presentation mode also has its own whiteboard that speakers can collaborate on in front of an audience.

This help article is for using the Deskle Whiteboard in Remo. If you are using the Miro Whiteboard, please check out this article instead.

You can see which whiteboard you are using by looking at the logo in the upper left-hand corner of the Whiteboard.

Here's all you can do with the whiteboard on Remo:

1. To open the whiteboard, click the 'More' button in the bottom menu toolbar and then click 'Whiteboard'

2. You can access all the functions on the Whiteboard from the menu on the left-hand side

Here are all the functions available:

  • Add Text

  • Add Sticky Notes

  • Add Different Shapes

  • Connect Ideas Together using the Arrow Tool or clicking the Blue Circle above the element you want to join

  • Sketch your Thoughts using the Pen Tool

  • Upload Media from your Own Device, Google Drive, URL, Dropbox, Box, Adobe CC

Please note the maximum file upload limit is 50MB
  • Embed Media like a Video or even a Website

  • Select from over 20 Pre-Designed Templates

You can also create your own templates using the Deskle whiteboard by selecting all the elements you'd like to include, clicking the 3 dots, and selecting 'Save as template' as follows:

Please note, the 'nested boards' feature of the whiteboard is not available in Remo at the moment

3. With Deskle, you can pre-load your whiteboards with templates, links, or resources before your event, so when guests enter it's ready to go. Below are a few examples:

Example of a Sponsor Booth

Example of an ice-breaker activity set out for groups

Deskle whiteboards do not reset after anyone leaves, so you can set them up before your event or house table-specific information that needs to remain for the full duration of the event

4. You can also save a screenshot of the whiteboard after your event to keep as a record or share with others by clicking the 'Export' button and then 'Save as image'

Select the area you want to save and then click the 'Save' button

You'll be notified once the screenshot is ready, in which case you can click the 'Download' button

Enjoy all the collaborative capabilities! ✨

Here are some video tutorials on how to use the Whiteboard:

Whiteboard Basics

Whiteboard Advanced