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We understand that time is precious, especially when you're running an event!!. 

Sooo, here are some of the keyboard shortcuts to carry out your favorite Remo actions in just half the time!

Please note, these are only available on a computer, laptop or desktop, NOT for mobile phone.

Check them out below:

1. Turn ON / OFF your Camera

Windows: Press ALT and V

Mac: Press OPTION and V

2. Turn ON / OFF your Microphone

Windows: Press ALT and C

Mac: Press OPTION and C

3. Share your Screen

Windows: Press ALT and S

Mac: Press OPTION and S

4. To Zoom Out

Windows: Press CTRL and -

Mac: Press COMMAND and -

5. To Zoom In

Windows: Press CTRL and + 

Mac: Press COMMAND and +

Browsers' shortcuts can be used as well. For example, see Microsoft Edge Shortcuts.