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To assign or not assign, that is the question... 

There are many reasons why Event Hosts would like to pre-assign guests to specific tables. These include (but are not limited to):

  • You have a table host for each table to lead a booth, presentation, group e.t.c.
  • You have some VIP guests you'd like to seat together or at a specific VIP table
  • You want to make the experience easier for specific users (e.g. individuals with disabilities, or those less familiar with Remo)

The good news... Whatever your reason is, Remo now supports assigning guests to tables prior to an event by a guest's email address. That means, as an Event Host you can decide which table, specific guests join when they first enter an event.

IMP: Please note this feature is currently in BETA and being rolled our gradually to our users. This means you may not be able to see it just yet. If you would like to be a beta tester, please reach out to Remo Support.

This article covers:

Assigning Guests Prior to an Event:

Please note, you can only assign guests prior to an event starting. You will not be able to make assignment changes or new assignments once an event has started.

1. Enter your Event Settings, and click 'Invitations' and then 'Assign Tables'. Here you should see a list of all the floors at your event and how many guests are currently on your guest list.

You can only assign guests after you have published your event

2. Click 'Manage' on the floor you'd like to make table assignments for. This will open the Table Manager for that particular floor.

3. You can assign guests to tables once they have registered for or been invited to your event (i.e. their email address has been added to your event's guest list).

You can add email addresses to your Guest List either through Event Settings > Invitations > Guests, or using our quick add guest invite function as highlighted above

4. With your email addresses listed, you can begin to drag and drop guests from the Attendee List on the left-hand side to the table you'd like the guest to join when entering the event.

As you hover over a particular table on the Table Manager, you can see which table it corresponds to on your floor plan using the Minimap in the lower left corner of your screen

5. From the Table Manager you can also change table names by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner of a table, and then 'Edit table name'

6. If you'd like to unassign guests while editing, you can:

  • Unassign a specific guest: Simply drag and drop the guest's email address back into the Attendees List
  • Unassign all guests from a specific table: Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the table and select 'Unassign all attendees'
  • Unassign guests from a floor or the entire event: Click the 'Unassign guests' icon on the top bar and select one of the two options

7. All changes you make here are automatically saved! So, please make sure only one host is editing the Table Manager at a time.

If you are facing an error saving your changes, the most likely reasons for this are:

- The internet connection was interrupted or lost
- More than one host is editing the Table Manager at the same time

Experience in-event

If a guest has been assigned to a specific table, when they join the event for the first time, they should enter directly at their assigned table (provided there is an empty place available).

The assigned guest should also see a pop-up when they join letting them know the host has assigned this place for them.

Even though guests are assigned to particular tables, they are free to move around the event space as usual (double-clicking to join another table). Once a guest moves away from their assigned table, that assignment is then removed (i.e. the place at the table becomes empty for other guests to then occupy if they want).

Unassigning Guests

If you wish to unassign guests during your event, you have 3 options to do so:

  • Unassign guests on your current table
  • Unassign guests on your current floor
  • Unassign guests for the entire event

To unassign guests on your current table...

1. Right-click on the table you would like to unassign guests from

2. Select 'Unassign all table seats'

3. Click 'Remove' to confirm the unassignment of these guests

To unassign guests on your current floor or for the entire event...

1. Click the 'More' button on your bottom menu toolbar

2. Select 'Unassign all seats'

3. Select which of the 3 options you'd like: Current table, Current floor, or Entire event

4. Click 'Remove' to confirm the unassignment of these guests