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Remo invoices are generated automatically on the billing date. If you need a quote, you can request it by reaching out to the Remo Success team here if you are an existing customer or to the Sales team at [email protected] if you are a new customer.

All invoices have:

1. Remo legal address and information

2. Your corporate or individual information

3. An invoice number that is unique

4. Date of generation, amount, and customer ID

5.The status of the invoice (on the billing date, if we attempt to charge your payment method and the attempt fails, the status will be NOT PAID)

6. The billing period and next billing date

7. The total and subtotal with the information about coupons included if any

8. The plan 

Per request, Remo can add:

1. Your Payment Order Number (it will be reflected under your Customer ID)

2. Your VAT/TAX number (it will be included in your corporate/individual details)

Invoices are sent to the account owner on a monthly/annual basis according to your plan.