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Checking your schedule and planning your days ahead?

Don't worry, you can easily add your upcoming event to your calendar and be reminded before it starts so you won't miss a thing!

Here is how to add your upcoming event to your calendar

There are two ways to do this:

A) From the Event Page

1. Access the event landing page (this is the same place where you registered for the event). Your host may have sent this through email or passed it to you directly.

Your invitation email may or may not look like the one below. If it does, click "Accept my invite" to access the event's landing page

If your event host has informed you they have sent the invitation email from Remo, but you aren't seeing it in your inbox. Don't worry! Check out this article for some suggestions

2. From the event page, click on the "Add to Calendar" button

3. Select one of the 4 calendar options: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, or iCal. This should open your preferred calendar and add the event directly.

B) From your invite email (via the ICS file)

This option is only possible if your event organizer has sent the invitation email via Remo.

1. Open your email invitation as shown below:

2. Add the event to your calendar via the ICS file

An ICS file is a calendar file saved in a universal calendar format used by several email and calendar programs like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar

In Gmail:

Click 'Yes' to add the event to your Google Calendar

In Microsoft Outlook:

Click the down arrow and then select 'Add to Calendar'

If the ICS file is attached as a downloadable file (i.e. you can't add to your calendar directly):

  • Adding the event to your Google Calendar:
    • Open your Google Calendar
    • At the top right of your screen, click 'Settings', and then 'Settings' again
    • In the menu on the left, click 'Import & Export'
    • Click 'Select file from your computer' and select the ICS file you just saved. The file should end in ".ics"
    • Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. By default, events are imported into your primary calendar
    • Click 'Import'
  • Adding the event to your Outlook calendar
    • In Outlook, choose 'File'
    • Click 'Open & Export', and then click 'Import/Export'
    • In the Import and Export Wizard box, choose 'Import an iCalendar (.ics)', and then click 'Next'
    • Select the ICS file you just saved from your PC (the file should end in ".ics" and click 'OK'
    • Click 'Import'
If the ICS file is not attached, your email may be filtering it. Please, add [email protected] to your list of contacts to receive the attachments.