Some issues you may face in Remo may be due to browser extensions you currently have installed. Extensions may end up interfering with Remo and can cause issues with loading Remo or using specific functionality, but some extensions can even cause Remo to crash.

This article aims to provide a list of browser extensions we have seen cause issues, so if you are using any of these and facing issues, try switching off the following extensions first.

  • Tab Suspender: This browser extension stops background tabs when they are not being actively used, including Remo. This extension has been known to log users out of Remo if the Remo tab is in the background.
  • This browser extension uses AI-powered technology to remove background noise and echo during virtual events. However, the extension has been known to make the audio of a user sound echoey for the first 20 seconds after joining Presentation Mode or a table in Conversation Mode.
Please note, this is only an issue with the browser extension, not the desktop app. The desktop app does not have this effect.

If you’re still having issues with Remo, try opening Remo in a Private or Incognito Mode Browser, so no extensions will load.

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