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Whilst, Remo doesn't have any native integrations with Accessibility tools just yet, this is something we take very seriously and are looking to continuously improve.

You can find Remo's Accessibility Statement here!

That being said, here are a couple of ideas regarding accessibility workarounds that other Event Hosts have applied to their Remo Events successfully:


  • Training is key: Definitely aim to have a few special training sessions for your attendees with any accessibility needs, their aides, and any community partners prior to your actual event. This way, everyone can become familiar with the platform functionality, the floor plan layout, the movement needed, and can see overall expectations.


  • Using the 'Get' feature: Assign a volunteer to help your user move around the event space by using the 'get' feature. The 'get' feature' allows Event Hosts to invite users to tables without needing them to double click themselves. Check out this article for how to use the 'get' feature!

    The user does need to accept the notice they get from the Event Host that actually moves them to the other table. The user would also need to navigate to the elevator on their own.

    Be My Eyes is a program that assists visually impaired individuals with video calls that you could consider using.

  • Opt for contrasting colours: Contrasting colours help guests visually. You can use contrasting colours for a Custom Floor Plan, Content Banner images, and the Event Image.

We have a large variety of Floor Plan Designers available in our Remo Marketplace, if you would prefer a designer customize a Floor Plan for you.


  • Closed Captions: Remo has Presentation Mode closed captioning available as a plan add-on. Please get in touch with our Remo Sales Team for more information on this.

  • Hire Sign Language Interpreters: Depending on your budget, you can hire sign language interpreters for your event to interpret live during Presentation Mode, and be available to assist hearing-impaired attendees by moving with them through the event.

    You can add these interpreters as team members to your account, so they are able to join full tables in Conversation Mode and join/ leave the stage freely in Presentation Mode. You can also ask interpreters to distinguish themselves through their profile image and name on their virtual business card/ profile.

    In Presentation Mode, you can make sure the interpreter is on the stage at all times (have their microphone and camera turned on) so they can interpret the presentation for any hearing-impaired users.

You can check out our Marketplace if you're interested in hiring sign language interpreters here as well.