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Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

Host large and immersive virtual event experiences using Swapcard's all-in-one platform, combined with Remo's engaging networking capabilities.

For a seamless integration experience, please make sure you've already set up your Swapcard account!

With the Remo and Swapcard integration, you'll be able to embed a Remo event space within a Swapcard "content" module (think of it like a parallel session). 

This means guests can attend your event on Swapcard, and easily jump into a networking space, powered by Remo, at any point during the event just by clicking on a button: 

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Set up your Remo Event & Account

1. Create your Remo event as you normally would in Remo

2. Copy the event URL for your Remo event (click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your event card and select 'Copy invite URL'

3. Add Swapcard as an SSO option for your Remo account (optional)

You can follow our instructions here on how to setup SSO for your events

OPTIONAL: This step is only needed if you want to bypass the Remo login process, and use your guests' Swapcard profiles instead to join the event directly.

You can skip this step, if you are alright with guests needing to log in to access the Remo event

Step 2: Set up your event on Swapcard

4. Log into your Swapcard account and click 'New Event' in the upper right corner

5. Fill in your event details

You can check out Swapcard's guide on creating your first event and their help center

Step 3: Integrating Remo and Swapcard

6. In your Swapcard event, navigate to the 'Content Display' tab and click 'Add Content'

7. Select the 'Webview' option

8. Fill out the following information:

  • Label: This is what you'd like the button to join the Remo event to be called (we'd recommend "Remo Networking Lounge" or "Networking Space" as examples)
  • Color: Select the color of this button
  • Icon: Pick an icon from the available options
  • Website: Paste the Remo Event URL you copied earlier in Step 2
If you did set up the Swapcard SSO in Step 3, make sure to replace the "/register" with "/sso" instead at the end of your Remo event URL (e.g.
  • Open in: Make sure to select 'Embedded iframe' here

At this point, we'd recommend checking the preview below to make sure your Remo event is loading as you expect it too.

9. Once you're happy with the setup, click 'Create' at the top right of your screen

10. To preview your entire Swapcard event (with Remo embedded) before you publish it, click 'Preview' in the top right of your screen

11. Complete setting up your Swapcard event as you like and click 'Publish Event' once you're all set up

If you need to access your Live Swapcard event, you can click the 'See event' button from your Event Settings

And there you have it! Your Swapcard event is ready to go with your Remo space embedded to achieve even more engaging and powerful virtual events. ✨