This integration is currently in Beta and will be available soon.

With our latest integration, your guests can now move seamlessly from Teams straight into your customized Remo event!

Here's how it works:

Prior to your Event:

1. Create your Remo event as you'd normally do in Remo

For more information, please check out this article on creating a Remo event.

2. Once that's published, copy the event URL (click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your event card and select 'Copy invite URL')

3. Open and go to your Microsft Teams account and click 'Apps'

4. Search for the Remo App, click it and select 'Add'

Now, with the Remo App installed on your Teams account and your event created, you're ready to invite guests into your Remo event from Teams.

Once your event starts:

5. Navigate back to the Teams channel from which you'd like to invite people to your Remo event

6. Start a new conversation or reply to an existing one and paste your Remo event URL you copied in Step 2

7. The link should automatically expand to show your Event title, tagline, image and a button for your guests to click to "Join Event" as shown below:

8. Instruct your guests to click on the "Join Event" button, this should open a new tab or browser window with the Remo event loaded automatically (Remo will automatically log users in using their Microsoft credentials from Teams)

There you have it! ✨