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Looking to host large-scale engaging online events? With the Remo <> Event Cadence integration, we combine the best parts of both platforms to offer just that!

For a seamless integration experience, please make sure you've already set up your Event Cadence account!

Using the Remo & Event Cadence integration, you'll be able to embed a Remo event space within an Event Cadence menu item.

This means guests attending your online event on Event Cadence can, at any time during the event, jump into a networking or workshop space, powered by Remo just by clicking one button:

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Set up SSO for Remo & Event Cadence (OPTIONAL)

This step is optional (but highly recommended for a seamless experience) if you want your guests to bypass the Remo login process and use their Event Cadence profiles to join the event directly.

In order to set this up, you will need:
- An Event Cadence account that supports SAML Identity Provider Setup (SA Only)
- A Remo account that supports Custom SSO

1. Log in to your Event Cadence account and create your event

2. Once your event is published, click the 'SAML Identity Provider Setup (SA Only)' tab from the menu bar

3. Check the 'Enabled' box to enable SSO configuration

4. Enter the following details:

and click 'Save'

5. Click 'Download Metadata' - this will download a .XML file to your device

6. Log in to your Remo Account and click 'Account Settings' > 'Single Sign-On (SSO)'

7. Using the information found in metadata.xml file you just downloaded, fill in the following fields:

  • Display Name: You can use whatever display name you like here (this will be the name users are shown when logging in using this SSO method)
  • Authentication Endpoint: Copy the Location link where it references "Single Sign On Service Binding" and "HTTP Post" (search the file for "HTTP-POST")

  • Identity Provider Entity ID: Copy the Entity ID found in the metadata file (search the file for "entityID")

  • Public Certificate: Copy the public certificate found in the metadata file, this will be within the "Entity Descriptor" tag. The certificate begins after the first mention of "DigestValue" and ends right before the mention of "X509Certificate".
    Make sure to add "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" to the beginning and end of the public certificate, respectively.

This can get a bit technical, so if you need help, please reach out to Remo's Support Team (click the 'Need Help' button in the lower left corner or email [email protected]).

8. Once all the details have been filled in, click 'Save'

9. Once you're ready, toggle ON the 'Enable Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication' to activate your SSO

Step 2: Create the Remo Event

10. Create your event as you normally would on Remo

11. Copy the event URL for your Remo event (click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your event card and select 'Copy invite URL'

Step 3: Integrating Remo and Event Cadence

12. In your Event Cadence event, click on 'Event Setup' and then 'Menu'. Click the '+' icon to add a new menu item.

13. Select 'Create Custom Menu Item'

14. Fill out the following information:

  • Menu Item Name: This is what you'd like the tab to join the Remo event to be called (we'd recommend "Remo Networking Lounge" or "Networking Space" as examples)
  • Navigation Type: Select 'Embed Code'
  • Menu Icon: Pick an icon from the available options
  • Embed Code: Paste the following HTML embed code, but please make sure to use your own Remo event URL where it asks you to:

<iframe src="ADD YOUR EVENT LINK HERE" width=100% height=100% allow="camera;microphone"></iframe>

If you did set up the Event Cadence SSO, make sure to replace the "/register" with "/sso" instead at the end of your Remo event URL (e.g.
  • Visible To: Select the audience you'd like this tab to be visible to

15. Click 'Save'

16. To preview your entire Event Cadence event (with Remo embedded) before you publish it, click 'View Event' in the top right of your screen

17. Complete setting up your Event Cadence event as you like, and click the 'Status' dropdown and select 'Live' once you're all set up and ready to go live.

And there you have it! Your Event Cadence event is ready to go with your Remo space embedded to achieve even more engaging and powerful virtual events. ✨