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Want a peek into your event's crystal ball?

Your wish is our command - thanks to Remo's Guest Experience Survey!

With our Guest Experience Survey, you can get a real-time sneak peek into how much your guests are enjoying your event.

So, how does it work?

Guest Experience Survey - what is it?

The Guest Experience Survey is a simple 5-star rating question shown to all your guests and speakers during your event asking them "How would you rate your experience at this event so far?".

As shown below, the question will pop up for guests and speakers in the lower right corner of their screen and remain until either a rating has been given or the pop-up has been dismissed. The question will appear for a guest or speaker 20 minutes after they have joined your event.

At this point, the question and timing are not customizable

Average ratings for your event will be collected and displayed back to you as the Event Host in real-time (more information below on viewing results).

If you wish to disable the Guest Experience Survey for your event, you are able to do so from your Event Settings (check out the section below for more information)

Viewing Survey Results

Once you start receiving a survey result, you will be able to view your event's average rating in real-time from your Event Settings (don't worry, this will still be available after your event so you can view them whenever you like)

1. Go to your Event Settings

Quick tip: If you are in the event currently, click on the menu button (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of your screen and select 'Event Settings'

2. Select the 'Post-Event' tab

3. You should be able to see your event's average rating at the top of your post-event tab as shown below

Enabling/Disabling the Guest Experience Survey

As an Event Host (Event Assistant, Event Manager, or Account Owner), you can choose to enable or disable the Guest Experience Survey for your upcoming event.

Please note, by default the Guest Experience Survey is turned OFF for all new events. If you wish to have this survey display in your event, please make sure to enable the Guest Experience Survey prior to your event starting.

1. Navigate to Event Settings and click the 'Features' tab

2. If you wish to enable the survey, toggle ON the 'Show Guest Experience Survey' toggle

3. To disable the survey, simply toggle this setting OFF

Please make sure to adjust the setting to the state you'd like prior to your event starting