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This article is about presenting embedded content (via iframe) in Presentation Mode. For information on how to embed custom content as a popup in Conversation Mode, please check out this article instead.

Looking for an alternative to screen sharing your presentation? Want to embed content in your presentation (a survey, a collaborative document, live translations/captions)?

All of the above is now possible with Remo's Present Content feature!

This article covers:

How to use Present Content:

1. In Presentation Mode, click the 'Present Content' button in your bottom menu toolbar

2. Enter the URL for the content you would like to embed

The URL's must begin with "https://", otherwise you will not be able to embed this URL

3. A preview should appear for you to check the content is displaying the way you would like it too

Please note, for this feature to work, the content you want to share must be embeddable via an iframe.

For some content, such as videos, this may require using the embed version of their video link (see here for details).

4. If you're happy with the content, click 'Share' and this will share this content immediately with everyone in your event.

5. When you're done sharing your content, hosts can once again click the "Present Content" button to stop sharing.

Presenting Slides with Microsoft Powerpoint:

1. Open your Powerpoint presentation using Office's online version of Powerpoint

2. Click "Slide Show" and then "Present Live"

3. Copy the presentation link

4. Navigate back to your Remo space and go into Presentation Mode when you're ready. Click "Present Content" and then paste the link you just copied into the Content Link space. When you're ready click the "Share" button.

Check the Preview is loading your current slide correctly before clicking the "Share" button

5. This will load the presentation slides as a tile in Presentation Mode, which all your guests can now view! 

Not to worry though, as you're presenting live, the presenter will control when everyone moves onto the next slide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use this feature?

Both Event Hosts and Speakers should have access to the 'Present Content' button

  • Can any link be shared using this feature?

Any online content that can be accessed from an iframe and begin with "https://" can be shared using this feature. To check whether the content can be shared you can use our Preview function within this feature (Step 3 from above) or use an online iframe tester tool such as

Please also note some websites or videos may require you to use an "embed" version of the link if they have this. For example, Youtube and Vimeo videos in particular have an embed version of their videos that can be accessed via an iframe:

Youtube (if the video you would like to embed has allowed embedding):

1. Click 'Share'

2. Select 'embed'

3. Copy the URL after the term "src=" (it will look something like


1. Click the share button (paper airplane icon)

2. Under the embed option, copy the URL after the term "src=" (it will look something like

  • Can I share multiple links during an event?

In Presentation Mode, you can only share one piece of content at a time.

Ideas & Inspiration for using Embed Slides:

1. Sharing Presentation Slides

If you are using the online version of Microsoft Powerpoint, you can share your presentation slides directly using this feature. Please refer here for steps on how to do this.

2. Sharing Interactive Presentations

You can embed your interactive presentation (using popular tools like Aha Slides, Slido e.t.c.) directly in Remo (provided it can be accessed via an iframe). Just make sure you use the participant link for your presentation when sharing. This way, your guests will be able to interact with your presentation directly in Remo (so they don't need to use their mobile device or another tab for example).

3. Live Translated Captions or Audio

Using 3rd party live translation platforms (e.g. Interprefy) you can embed live captions directly in Remo's Presentation Mode. This way if you have attendees tuning in from different countries, your guests can tune in with their preferred language as well.