Want to see first-hand what an event on Remo feels like?

Is there a specific event you're looking to attend, but can't find the event link? 


Look no further than our new Event Discovery section – this is where you can find a list of all upcoming and ongoing public events being hosted on Remo.


For Guests: What is the Event Discovery Section
The Event Discovery Section is a list of all ongoing and upcoming public events hosted on Remo. 
You can find the Event Discovery Section on Remo.co webpage. Just scroll down and look for "discover the Remo experience and join an upcoming event" and click the arrows right or left to search for an event.


Private events events will not and cannot be listed in the Event discovery Section.

Once you've found the event you're looking for or one you find interesting - click on it to view the landing page for that event and register!

For Hosts: How to List Events in the Event Discovery Section

Public Remo Events:

By default, all public events are listed within the Event Discovery Section. 

If you would like to remove your event from the Event Discovery Section, you can do so by:

1. Go to your event's settings

2. Under Required Settings, uncheck the box for "Display event in Remo's Event Discovery"

(If you change your mind about having your event be listed in the Event Discovery Section, you can go back to your Event Settings and simply check the box!)