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Live streaming your presentation on Remo means more viewers for the awesome content you’ve worked so hard to put together! Who wouldn’t want that?

With Remo’s new live streaming functionality, you can stream your presentation from Remo straight to Youtube Live!

Here’s how to do it:


Setting up Youtube Live as a stream destination

1. Go to your My Events dashboard and locate the event you’d like to live stream. Click the pencil icon to go the event’s settings

2. Click on ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Stream

3. Click on ‘Add RTMP Destination

4. Open your Youtube Studio in a new tab

5. Click ‘Create’ > ‘Go Live’ - this will take you to Youtube’s Live Control Room

6. If you want to officially start live streaming immediately (i.e. your Remo event is ongoing), click the ‘Stream’ tab from the left-hand side menu

If you want to schedule a live stream (i.e. your Remo event is upcoming), click the ‘Manage’ tab from the left-hand side menu. Click ‘Schedule Stream’, you can either reuse previous live stream settings or click ‘Create New’. Fill in the on-screen instructions to set up your live stream (this will include information like your stream’s title,  description, privacy settings, and when you want to schedule the live stream for)

7. Whichever option you chose, you should then see the Live Control Room as shown below. This is where you can retrieve your streaming information:

A: Stream Key

B: Stream URL

C: Playback URL

8. Copy this information and paste it in the respective fields on Remo

9. Enter a name for ‘Destination Name’ (we’d recommend something like Youtube Live)

10. Click ‘Save Destination

Starting the Live Stream

11. Enter your Remo event and click the ‘Present’ button from your bottom menu toolbar

12. Make sure the option to ‘Start streaming out to Youtube Live’ is selected. Choose whether to start your presentation immediately or in 30 seconds.

13. Once you’re in presentation mode and the presenter has joined the stage (turned on mic or cam), you can check your Youtube Live Control Room to see whether the stream has connected successfully, as pictured below

14. Double check your title and description are what you want

15. If you chose to start live streaming immediately in Step 6, once your steam is connected, your live stream will start immediately!

If you chose to schedule your live stream in Step 6, once your stream is connected, you are 
not live streaming yet. If you wish to start streaming live, you need to click the ‘Go Live
’ button in your Youtube Live Control Room. If you’re just testing the stream now, you don’t need to do anything, you can continue using the preview box to test your stream.

Stopping the Live Stream

16. To stop your livestream, you need to first stop sending the stream from Remo to Youtube Live. To do this, you can either:

  • Return to Conversation Mode: By stopping presentation mode and returning everyone in your Remo event, you will stop streaming out to Youtube Live. Use this option if you plan on restarting your stream later in your event.
  • Deleting your Stream Destination: If you'd prefer not ending Presentation Mode in Remo, you can instead go into your event's settings and delete the destination directly. This will immediately stop any active live streams from that event without interrupting your event on Remo. Using this option though, means you cannot restart your stream later in the event.
In Youtube Live, if you plan on restarting your livestream we'd recommend disabling the option to "Enable auto-stop". If enabled, Youtube will automatically end your livestream if no data is received for more than 50-60 seconds.

17. If you do not plan on streaming again in the same event, you need to end the stream from Youtube Live as well. In your Youtube Live Control Room, click ‘End Stream’ in the upper right corner. This will officially end your stream to Youtube Live.

And, there you have it! A detailed guide for how you can stream your presentations from Remo into Youtube Live!