If you are hosting a private event, the invitation process is slightly different, so please check out this article on how to invite guests to your private event

If you're hosting a public event, here are some options for you:

You can invite guests to your event in 3 ways. Here they are:

A. Admin Page

You can find a URL to your event registration page under the 'My Events' page.  

On the events page:

1.  You will find a list of events

2.  If you hover over an event image you will find three dots in the top right-hand corner

3.  Click on the three dots and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the 'Copy Invite URL' option and share this with your guests.

B. Create Event Pop-Up

After you finish creating an event, a pop-up now appears where you can access the event link and more

1. Create your event (for detailed instructions check out this article)

2. Click 'Save and Publish Event' after filling in all the details

3. A pop-up should now appear on the right hand side of your screen. Here you can copy the event URL and share this with guests, or alternatively you can click the social media buttons to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter

C. Send Invitation Emails

1. Click on 'Invitations' and then 'Guests' in the event settings

2. Enter the emails of all your guests in the box and click 'Add to Guest List'

You can invite up to 3 times your guest capacity, however the actual number that can attend your event is limited based on your plan

(If you need to invite more than your plan permits, we offer specialized plans as well, please refer to our pricing page here for details about this)

3. An email invitation will then be sent out with a link to the registration page for guests

If you would like to send your own email, you can do this by checking the box 'Do not send invitation emails to guests', but remember to include the event URL when you do this

If your event is full and a guest tries to join, they will be redirected to the registration page and shown a message letting them know the event is now full as shown below

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