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You’ve been invited to an event on Remo?


That’s great news! ✨

Get ready for a truly immersive online experience.

This article shows you how to register for an upcoming event. If you are looking to join an ongoing event, please click here to find out how

1.  Head over to the event link provided to you by the event organizer (this could be a direct event link or sent through an email invitation)

If the event organizer has sent you an email invitation to join but you don't see it - check your Spam folder as well. 

If your invitation is still not there, then check with the event host and ask which email they used to register you as a guest

2.  Click the blue "Register for Event" button to save your spot at the event 

If you see a blue button that says "Join Lobby" or "Join Event", that means the event has already started (or it's about to begin). So, you can join the event directly, by following these instructions.

3. Next, you will be asked to log in to the event space using one of the options provided by your host. 

Select your preferred login option to learn more about it:

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you were invited to this event please make sure to use the same email address you were invited with.

A) Log in via Custom Single Sign-On Option (click to learn more)

B) Log in via Social Login via Google, Facebook, Linkedin, or Microsoft (click to learn more)

C) Log in via Magic Link (click to learn more)

D) Log in via Email & Password (click to learn more)

You may not see all the options listed above when joining your event, as the host may have disabled some of these options for this particular event.

A) Log in via Custom Single Sign-On Option:

  • Click login with [Custom SSO Name]
  • You will be asked to select the account you would like to login with if you are already logged in
  • If not, you will be asked to log in first using that account

B) Log in via Social Login:

  • Select which social media account you'd like to use to login with (Microsoft (Note: Due to technical issue, we have currently disabled Microsoft option), Google, Linkedin or Facebook)
  • If you are not logged in yet, you will first be asked to login to that account
  • If you are logged in already but have multiple accounts, you will be asked to select which account you'd like to use.

C) Log in via Magic Link: (The option now shows as 'Email Address')

  • Provide your email address in the designated field.
  • Select "Log in with Magic link"
  • This will send a magic link to the email address provided.
  • Click on the magic link contained within the email, and it will redirect you back to Remo
If you are not able to locate the magic link email in your inbox, please make sure to check your spam. The email should be from "[email protected]" with the subject line: "Sign in to Remo Conference"

D) Log in via Email & Password: (Note: We have currently disabled this option)

  • Enter your email address in the designated textbox
  • Choose the option that says "Log in with email and password"
  • If you are a first-time user of Remo, input your name and create a password. 
  • If you have previously registered with Remo, simply enter your password in the provided box (don't worry, if you've forgotten this, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot password?")

4. Next, you'll see a pop up confirming your registration for the event! 

You should also see the previously blue Join Event button has now turned into a gray "Registration Confirmed" button

Is it time for the event? Check here for information on how to join an ongoing event on Remo

If you ever need assistance before or during the event, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the 'Need Help' button located in the bottom left corner of your screen. We are here to support you in any way we can.