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Please note, Remo now has an in-built feature for applying a Virtual Background. If you'd like to try out Remo's feature first, check out this article for further information.

If you'd like to check out some virtual background options using a 3rd party tool, this article is for you!

Look at George taking part in a Remo event while flying first-class in Emirates…

Well... Not quite…

It is George participating in a Remo event, but without being 6 miles up in the air, just him using a custom camera background

Do you want to try it out too? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Remember, Remo has its own in-built virtual background capability, check it out here. But, if you prefer using a 3rd party tool, we've compiled a list here for you to try out:

Option 1: Snap Camera

This application lets you have fun with custom backgrounds without a green screen. You can browse through and select from thousands of different lenses and backgrounds created by Snapchat themselves and other users

You can download and install Snap Camera on your device for free here 

It should work on both Mac and PC, but be sure to test it for yourself to make sure.

Option 2: ManyCam

With ManyCam you can add text or even emojis to your image as shown below. Alternatively, you can access their virtual backgrounds or even customize your own! So you could upload a picture of your company logo and have that as your background for your next client meeting. One thing to note though, virtual backgrounds require a paid account, but the basic features are free to use.

You can download ManyCam here

Option 3: CamTwist

This application is only available to Mac users, letting them pick from special effects and filters. They have a lot of pre-loaded options for you to choose from, but if you’re a little more tech-savvy, you can actually create and upload your own custom elements as well.

You can download CamTwist for free here, also please note camtwist is only available for MacOs only.

There are other custom background options available online, so if you have other applications in mind try them out for yourselves! We’d love to hear about which ones work best for you...

Want to get in on the fun? Here’s how:

1.  Download the virtual background application you want

2.  Enter the Remo event

3.  Click on the menu button (the 3 parallel horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen)

4.  Under 'Camera', change the source to the application you downloaded by selecting it from the drop-down menu

If you cannot see your application as an option to select, close and restart your Chrome browsers

5.  Turn on your camera and enjoy!

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