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We’ve all experienced it… you’re speaking in the most important conference of your life... and then suddenly the apartment below you starts construction... or your neighbour’s dog starts barking a little too loud.

I mean, it happens right? All part of the excitement of hosting virtual events!

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it... Here’s a list of some great noise cancelling applications you can get, to help mute your background noise (or at least minimize it):

1.  Krisp

This is a great application that’s really easy to use and setup. And the best part... not only does it mute your own background noise but it also limits the amount of background noise you hear from other guests!

Once you download the application on your device, sign up for a Krisp account and then you’re ready to go! When you get into your Remo event click the 3 parallel horizontal lines, and change your microphone and speaker setting to ‘krisp microphone (Virtual)’ and ‘krisp speaker (Virtual)’ respectively. To start muting your background noise, click the Krisp icon on your device’s menu bar and then toggle the button for ‘Remove noise’ under Microphone and Speaker. 

If you’re looking for a solution for your entire team, they’ve got multiple plans you can browse through. Not to worry though, they’ve also got a free plan for individual use. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Chrome and iOS.

To download Krisp or find out more about it, check out their website here

Please use the Krisp Desktop Application, as the Chrome extension can interfere with your audio when used in Remo

2.  Noise Blocker

Noise Blocker is another noise cancelling application, but it may be a bit more complicated and time-consuming to set up compared to Krisp. 

First of all though, you’ll need to download the application and then select the input device (which microphone you use normally). Next you’ll be asked what noises you’d like Noise Blocker to filter out. To do this click ‘Add’ and then record the noise and label it. After that, you can further configure the audio settings, this includes:

  • Setting a minimum threshold for when Noise Blocker will allow audio through
  • The amount of noise reduction you’d like for your audio, and 
  • How long you’d like the microphone to stay on after the audio level drops below the previously specified threshold. 

To enable Noise Blocker, when you enter your Remo event, just change your microphone source to ‘Microphone (Noise Blocker Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM))’.

It’s free for up to 1 hour of use daily, if you’d like to use it for more than that, you’ll need to purchase it. However, this application is only available for Windows users.

I know it sounds a little complicated, so you can read up on Noise Blocker and exactly how to install it here

And that’s all. ✨

Say sayonara to having to mute yourself over and over again during a discussion, and hello to seamless conversations...

As always if you’ve got any more suggestions, let us know and we’ll add it to our list!