During Presentation mode, Guests can ask Questions using the 'Q&A' tab

Guests can also opt to ask anonymously if they wish too by checking the following box when they ask their question:

Other guests can upvote the questions they want answered and it will go up on the list. This saves a lot of time for speakers or event hosts because they automatically see the most important questions that guests want answered right there at the top

Bonus Tip: A creative way to use the Q&A! ?

Do you want your guests to vote for their favourite fantasy hero?

Well you can using the Q&A feature... Before the event just add some options into the Q&A tab anonymously and then during your Presentation ask your guests to upvote for whichever option is their favourite! And there you have it the Q&A feature can act as a Poll as well ✨

Just remember to remind guests not to ask questions on 'Q&A' and use the 'General Chat' for questions instead!

This tip is handy to ask guests to vote for the best presenter or project as well!