It is important to prepare for situations where a guest is being disruptive or otherwise needs to be removed. 

Follow the steps below to see how you can handle these situations:

To Mute a Guest:

If one of your guests is being disruptive or has accidentally left their microphone on, with our new update event hosts can mute individual guests

1. Move to that guest's table

2. Hover over the guests video stream

3. Click the 'Mute' button, and now the guest will be informed that the host has muted them

To Remove or Block a Guest:

Please note, that you can only remove a guest during an event while in Conversation Mode. If you're in Presentation Mode, you must end the presentation first to remove the guest

1. In Conversation Mode, find the avatar of the guest you would like to remove 

2. Right-click on the avatar and a drop down menu should appear

3. Select 'Remove attendee' 

4. If you would simply like to remove the guest from the map, but allow them to re-enter the event using the same link, select 'Just remove from map'. To block a guest from the event permanently, select 'Block attendee'

To Unblock a Guest:

1. Open the My Events page.

2. Find the event you would like to unblock the user from. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the event image

3. The Event Settings Panel will appear

4. Select the 'Invitations' tab and then 'Guests'. A list of guests who joined the event appears in the Guest List. The person you blocked will have a red icon to the right of their entry, as shown below:

5.  To Unblock the guest, click on the red block icon and then select 'Ok' on the popup message

Now the guest may re-enter your event! ✨