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Good news Remo Family! The highly anticipated Agenda feature is officially live on Remo!!!

This means you can kick your awesome events into higher gear, with structure, professionalism, and a calm team (we all know how stressful event planning can be...)

The Agenda can only be added or edited by Event Hosts (this includes Account Owner and Event Managers). Speakers and Guests cannot edit the Agenda, they can only view it during the event.

1. Find the Event you would like to add an Agenda too on your My Events page. Click the 'Agenda' button in the upper left corner of the event card.

Alternatively, you can Edit the Event and click the 'Event Agenda' tab under "Advanced" from the left-hand side menu.

The agenda can only be added to an already published event, so first create your event and fill in all the details as you would. Once you 'Save & Publish' that event, then you'll be able to access the Agenda feature.

2. The date and starting hour listed will depend on the date and time you've set for the event. Press 'Add New Item'.

3. Indicate the Title, Duration, and Description of that agenda item, and choose a Color for it. Once you're done press 'Save Item'.

Colors Available: Orange, Blue, Violet, Pink, Green, and Grey.

Color coding will help your Guests understand the type of activity that is going to happen. You can inform them that one color refers to a certain activity. For example, all blue activities are speaker presentations whilst violet refers to networking times.

3. All Items will be listed by order of time.

4. You can move agenda items around by clicking the arrows on the left-hand side. You can also delete an agenda item by clicking the 'delete' button on the upper right corner of the item.

When you move an Agenda Item, the start/end time changes, but the Duration doesn't.

5. If you want to insert an agenda item right after another one, press the '+' button next to the agenda item you would like to precede it.

In this example above, a new Agenda Item will be added between the two already existing ones.

6. Once you've finished adding all your Agenda Items, you can click 'Save Event'.

7. To view the agenda in-event, Guests can click on the 'Agenda' button in the top Event Banner. The agenda can be seen during both the Conversation and Presentation modes.

Some Questions you may be asking yourself about the Agenda...

Can I create two Items at the same time? No, that's not possible.

Can I link a specific table to an Item? No, that's not possible.

Do Guests get notifications about upcoming activities (Agenda Items)? Currently, they don't.

It is mandatory to fill the agenda? No, it's not mandatory.