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Congratulations on designing your very own Custom Floor Plan! ✨


Now it's time to see all your hard work brought to life...

If you haven't quite finished your design, not to worry, here are our design guidelines to help you with it.

To upload your floor plan to your Remo account and get started using it, just follow these steps:

1. Head over to your My Events page

2. Click the menu button (3 parallel horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen), and select 'Account Settings'

3. Select the 'Custom Floor Plans' tab and click 'Upload Custom Floor Plan'

4. Click 'Choose SVG File' or simply drag and drop your SVG file from your device into the blue dotted area

5. Enter a Floor Plan Name and select a background color to be used in your event space (Environment Color)

When entering a floor plan name, please do not use any special characters ([email protected]#$%^&*/?) as these can cause issues with your uploaded floor plan. 

When selecting the Environment Color, most event hosts like to match the most prominent color used in their map-background layer. So, to help you do this, we have included an eyedropper tool that you can use by clicking on 'Environment Color' and then the eyedropper icon.

6. Before you upload your floor plan, please make sure to check all the details using the verification tool on the right-hand side of your screen. This tool will help you both identify if there are any errors with your floor plan, and verify the number of guests your floor plan will seat per floor.

7. Click 'See details' to see if your floor plan is laid out the way you would like (in other words, see if your tables, sponsor banners, seats, billboards e.t.c. are all in the right place)

8. Once you are happy with how your floor plan looks, click 'Save Floor Plan to Account' to finish uploading your floor plan.

If you have identified errors, you can click the trash icon to stop your upload process and fix these first. If you need any support with this, please reach out to our Chat Support Team through the 'Need Help' button in the lower-left corner of your screen.


9. Once uploaded, your floor plan will now be available for you to select in the Custom Floor Plans tab within your event's Floor Plan Settings.

Please be sure to test your custom floor plan prior to your event to make sure it is working as expected.

If you are having any trouble uploading your floor plan, please do reach out to our Live Chat Support Team through the 'Need Help' button in the lower-left corner of your screen.

Enjoy your Custom Floor Plan! ✨

If you're looking for more advice or examples of Custom Floor Plans, join us in our dedicated Floor Plan Space in our Remo Revolution Community!