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You may already know how to make Announcements in your Event Space...

If you don't know about Announcements and how to make them just yet, I'd recommend reading this article first.

... but, did you know you could add links in your Announcements...

... and did you know you could hyperlink specific words using HTML code...

Awesome right?! Now you give it a try!

Here's the HTML code you can use when typing out your announcement:


For example:

And there you have it! Very Smart Announcements!

What are some examples of how you can use this? We have some ideas! ✨

  • You can share a link to a simultaneous event you're running:

You can also add "/?autojoin=1" to the end of the event URL so your guests don't need to login again! (For example, the event URL in the example above would look like this:

  • Share a link to a survey!

  • Share a Welcome Package!

  • Advertise your Premium Sponsors!

There are tons more you can do with this, so get creative and have fun!