Looking to broadcast a Live Stream for your next event?

Well, lucky for you there are two ways you can do this, it just depends on which mode you'd like to be in at the time - Conversation Mode or Presentation Mode...

If you'd like guests to watch your Live Stream whilst in Conversation Mode, you can go ahead and stream this through the Left Video Billboard.

If you'd like guests to watch your Live Stream whilst in Presentation Mode, you can use our 'Share Video' feature to share this.

Regardless of which option you choose though, you need to make sure:

  • Your Youtube account is enabled for live streaming (takes up to 24 hours to enable)
  • You set up a Youtube Live Stream, and grab the link

Once you have both of these, you're set to go!

Step 1: Enable Livestreaming on your Youtube Account

1. Log into your Youtube Account.

2. Click 'Settings' on the left-hand side menu.

3. Click 'Channel status and features'.

4. Select 'Feature Eligibility', then expand the 'Features that require phone verification' section and click 'Verify phone number'.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone number and enable live streaming for your Youtube Account.

This will take up to 24 hours to enable after you've verified your phone number

Step 2: Set up a Youtube Live Stream

1. Click the Video icon in the upper right corner of your screen, and select 'Go live'.

2. Select whether you'd like to have your live stream go live now, or at a later date.

3. Decide what type of stream you'd like, whether it's just using your built-in webcam or additional streaming software like OBS.

Check out this guide on how you can use OBS to live stream into Remo.

4. Fill in the required information such as the Live Stream Title, Privacy Settings, and when you want the live stream to air. Once you're done click 'Next'.

5. Click the 'Share' button.

6. Copy the link where your live stream will be live at.

Also, please note when you're ready to start your Youtube Livestream you must make sure you click 'Go Live' in the upper right corner of your stream settings!

Step 3: Inputting the link in Remo

Now that you have the live stream link copied into your clipboard, you just need to paste it into the right place...

Using the Left Video Billboard in Conversation Mode:

1. Open the 'Event Settings' for your upcoming event.

2. Select 'Floor Plan', and then scroll down to the Billboards section.

3. Click 'Left billboard' and then paste the link for your Youtube Live Stream into this left video billboard section.

Add "?autoplay=1" or "&autoplay=1" to the end of the Youtube link if you want the live stream to automatically start playing when guests enter the event space

4. Click 'Go to Summary' and then 'Save Event'.

5. Now your video billboard should display your Youtube Live Stream!

Using the Share Video Feature in Presentation Mode:

1. Click 'Present' to enter Presentation Mode.

2. When you're ready to share the video click 'More', and then 'Share Video'.

3. Paste the link for your Youtube Live Stream and check the autoplay box if you'd like the live stream to automatically start playing for guests.

4. Click 'Save'.

5. Now your Live Stream is playing to all your guests!

Once you're completely finished with your live stream make sure you click 'End Stream' in the upper right corner of your Youtube Stream Page

Oh, and here's a pro-tip: If your guests come in late, they may be directed to watch the beginning of that live stream. If you'd like your guests to catch up to where they should be in the live stream, ask them to make the video full screen, and click the 'LIVE' button to bring them to the right timestamp!