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Got a video to showcase at your event? Or, an agenda you want to share? A sponsor you want to highlight? An online game you want to play?

Whatever the case - Remo's Content Banners can help! Content Banners give hosts the utmost flexibility when it comes to displaying any type of content at events.

This article will dive into what content banners are, how you can set them up, and provide inspiration for what you can display at events!

Let's begin ✨


What are Content Banners

Content Banners are special banners in an event that you can use to display any type of content you want to share with guests (whether its a video, an agenda, a donation platform, or so much more).

You can choose:

  • the type of content (video, embedded website, image, or plain text)
  • how you want to display the content (embedded in the floor plan, as a pop-up, or as a large collaborative screen for a table)
  • where you want it to display (where on the floor plan, all floors, or a specific floor)

For our experienced Remo hosts, Content Banners are replacing our sponsor banner functionality, as it provides more flexibility over the type of content and how you want to display it.

Types of Content Banners

Before we dive into the specifics of how to set these up, let's take a closer look at exactly what types of content banners you can create:

  • Content Types:

Share a Youtube, Vimeo, or Twitch video with guests

Use Cases: Event Reel, Background Music, Livestream

Embedded Website
Embed a full website (via iFrame)Use Cases: Online Game, Donation Platform, Social Media Feed
Share a static or GIF image with guests

Use Cases: Agenda, Branding, Seating Arrangement

Display plain text for guests to view

Use Cases: Quick Announcements, Agenda, Sponsor/Event Information

  • Display Types:

Embedded directly into your event's floor plan in the slot location you select


Shown within a popup after clicking on image from the floor plan

Large Screen

Shown as a large screen, moving video tiles to the left, so you can concentrate on the content

You can have any combination of content type and display type in your events - as you can see there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to displaying content in a Remo event.

Now let's move on to how you can actually set this up.

How to Create Content Banners

As an event host, you can add content banners to your event from your event settings.

You can add content banners once an event has been created (check out this article for how to create an event on Remo)

1. Log into your Remo account here

2. Find the event you would like to add content banners to on your dashboard. Click the pencil icon to access the event's settings

3. Click "Advanced" > "Floor Content", and then "Add Content"

4.  Select a name for your Content Banner - this will help you identify which banner is which on this page. (It will also show to guests if you select the Popup or Large Screen display options)

5. Select your desired content type:

  • Video: Paste the link to a Youtube, Twitch or Vimeo video
  • Embedded Website: Paste the link to a website that can be embedded via an iframe (you can check the preview below to make sure the website is embeddable)
  • Image: Upload an image (PNG, JPEG or GIF) from your device
  • Text: Enter plain text

6. Select your preferred display type for the above content:

  • Floorplan: Content will be embedded directly into your floorplan
  • Popup: Content will be shared within a popup guests (after clicking an image on the floorplan)
  • Large Screen: Content will take priority and appear as a large screen, moving all video tiles to the left

7. If you selected Popup or Large Screen as your display type – you'll also need to upload a Floor Plan Image 

(this is the image that guests will see on the floor plan itself and be able to click on to open and see the content in either a popup or large screen)

Please note, the optimal size for this image will depend on the floor plan you've selected and which banner slot you'd like to display this image in. Click "Size Recommendations" and find your selected floor plan for a list of banner slot sizes (or click here to check)

8. If you selected Popup or Large Screen as your display type – you can also choose to add an optional CTA button or not. 

A CTA button is an additional button on your popup or large screen which you can link out to an external website (e.g. a sponsor company's website, your event website, or even a video).

If you would like to include a CTA button, click "Add CTA button". Enter a label for your button (this is the text that will appear on the button), and include the link for where you want guests to go when clicking on the CTA button.

If you change your mind and want to remove the CTA button, just click the bin icon

9. Select where you want your banner to display:

  • Select the floor from the Floors dropdown – select "All Floors" to display the banner on each floor, or pick specific floors (you can pick multiple floors)
  • Select the slot from the Slots dropdown – you can only select one slot for each banner to display in
Please note, for banners shown on multiple floors, each floor the banner is displayed on counts as one banner used towards your plan's banner limit. For example, is Banner A is shown on both Floor 1 and Floor 2, that counts as 2 Banner Slots Used.

If you need more content banner slots, you can purchase content banner add-ons with our Success Team!

10. Once you're done, click "Save Content" to save your content banner!

11. You should then be able to see your newly created content banner listed here!

12. On this page, you'll be able to see all the banners you've created along with the information about each banner's content type, display type, and location in your event.

13. If you wish to edit an already content banner, you can do so by clicking on the pencil icon for that banner

If you need to delete a content banner, you can click the bin icon on that banner

14. You can also check how many banners you have used already and how many your plan allows for on the Floor Content page within your Event Settings

If you need more content banner slots, you can purchase content banner add-ons with our Success Team!

How do Content Banners look in-event?

Depending on the banner display type, your content banners will display in different ways in your event:

For Content Banners with the Floorplan display type... these banners will appear directly embedded into the floorplan:

For Content Banners with the Popup display type... your content will be displayed in a pop-up in the center of the screen. In order to open this pop-up, users will have to click on the whatever image you've uploaded as that banner's floorplan image:

For Content Banners with the Large Screen display type... your content will be displayed as the main focused screen. In order to open this, users will have to click on the whatever image you've uploaded as that banner's floorplan image:

Notice: Getting your Floor Plan ready for Content Banners

With the introduction of Content Banners, there are a few changes you may want to make to your custom floor plans:

  • You may want to adjust the banner sizes depending on the content you wish to display, for example:
    • If you are looking to use the floorplan display type, remember that the banner's size will dictate how large the content appears in your event
    • if you are looking to use the popup or large screen display type, remember that the banner's size will dictate how large the floorplan image will be in your event

If you have any questions or require any support with updating your floorplan, please reach out to our team and we'll be happy to assist! You can get in touch with us directly by clicking the 'Need Help' button or emailing us at [email protected]