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Guests are one of the most important parts of any event... so it's super important for you to be able to keep track of who's coming to your event!!!

And the Guest List does exactly that! So here's your cheat sheet to understanding the Guest List.

First of all, where do you find the Guest List for your event...

1. Go to your My Events dashboard.

2. Find your event, and click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your event

3. Click 'Invitations' and then 'scroll down'

4. If you've invited anyone already -or- some of your guests have registered, you'll be able to see your Guest List. If you don't see the Guest List, it just means you haven't invited anyone yet, or no one has registered just yet.

Now, let's briefly explain why the Guest List is necessary...

Your Guest List will look a little different depending on whether your Remo event is Public or Private. You can review the main differences between these two types here.

For a Public Event, it is not necessary to add guests to your Guest List before the event starts. They can easily register for your event through your Event Landing Page.

For a Private Event, it is necessary to add guests to your Guest List before the event starts, otherwise, they will not be able to enter the event.

Finally, let's break down all the components of your Guest List...

Full Name

This records the Full Name as indicated by the guest on their user profile.


This will list the email of the guest. If you are hosting a Private Event, it is necessary for the guests to register for the event using the exact same email address as the one you've added here.


This column will display the status of that guest's invitation. This could be either:

  • Yes - The guest's email has been added to the Guest List
  • Confirmed Attendance - For a Private Event, the guest has registered either through the Landing Page or by accepting the email invitation
  • Joined when Public - For a Public Event, the guest has registered through the Landing Page

Email Status

This column will show the status of the email sent to the guest. This will be one of the following:

Email is being sent (please refresh the Guest List or Save your Event and come back)
Email delivered (to either Inbox or Spam folder of guest)
Email not delivered (likely due to an incorrect email address)

Remember that you can opt to Turn off Remo emails!


This column indicates whether or not the guest has actually registered for the event via the Event Landing Page. This will be recorded either as 'Yes' or 'No'.


The Attended Column records whether the guest attended the event in the end or not. This will either be a 'Yes' or 'No'.

Please note, before the event starts, the Attended column will always show 'No'.


  • A guest can register for an event by clicking the 'Register for Event' button on the Event Landing Page. 
    • If the Event is Public - the guest will be automatically added to your Guest List. Their Invited Status will be recorded as 'Joined when Public', and under the Registered column you should see a 'Yes'. 
    • If the Event is Private - the guest will be added to your Guest List when you invite them (click here for more information on setting up a Private Event). When they accept their invitation and register using the same email address they were invited with, their Registered Status in the Guest List will change to a 'Yes', and their Invited Status will be recorded as 'Confirmed Attendance'.

  • Just because a guest registers for an event, does not mean they have attended that same event.

For example, in the picture above - the first guest (blue) has registered and attended. Whereas, the second guest (red) registered but didn't come to the event.

Whether or not they have attended the event is recorded by the last column.

Here’s a quick review for you:

  • Invited - Yes / Joined when Public / Confirmed Attendance
  • Email Status - sent / not sent / being sent
  • Registered - Yes / No
  • Attended - Yes / No

After your event, you can also export your Guest List with a lot more detailed information about your guests' attendance, check out this article for more information.

 Awesome! ✨