The whiteboard feature is a great tool for collaboration or featuring media. Each table in conversation mode has its very own whiteboard. Presentation mode also has its own whiteboard that speakers can collaborate on in front of an audience.

This help article is for using the Miro Whiteboard in Remo. If you are using the Deskle Whiteboard, please check out this article instead.

You can see which whiteboard you are using by looking at the logo in the upper left-hand corner of the Whiteboard.

Here's all you can do with the Miro whiteboard on Remo:

1. To open the whiteboard, click the 'More' button in the bottom menu toolbar and then click 'Whiteboard'

2. You can access all the functions on the Whiteboard from the menu on the left-hand side

Here are all the functions available: 

  • Add Sticky Notes

With the Sticky Notes, if you click on them you can find even more options such as changing the colour, size, and even adding emoji's and tags! (see below):

  • Add Shapes

With Shapes, you can customize the fill colour, outline colour and the text formatting if you just click on the shape.

  • Connect Ideas Together using the Arrow Tool or clicking the Blue Circle around the element you want to join

To add text to the arrow (like shown above), just click on the arrow and then click the '+T' button on the menu options

  • Add Text

If you want to customize the text some more, click on the textbox for even more options

  • Sketch your Thoughts using the Pen Tool

With the pen tool, you've got the choice of a typical pen, a highlighter, smart drawing (predicts basic shapes based on simple drawings - try drawing a circle), the eraser (if you'd like to remove drawings), and the lasso tool (to select multiple drawings at once)

  • Leave comments for other people you're collaborating with

You can choose to follow the conversation, add your two cents by replying or emoji replying, and even resolve the comment once it's finished.

  • Upload Media from your Own Device or via a URL (e.g. a video or even a Website)

If you scroll down a little more in the list above there is another option 'Web page capture' - this allows you to capture and present an image of an entire web page at once on the whiteboard.

  • Select from over 80 Pre-Designed Templates (for example, Kanban boards, Gantt Charts, or Customer Flow Journeys)

  • Create cards to structure your information more clearly. With Cards, you can add headings, tags, descriptions, a due date, and also colour code them:

3. You and the other members of your table can also collaborate with each other on a real-time to-do list by clicking the note button in the upper right-hand corner of the whiteboard

4. To save the contents of your whiteboard you will need to sign up for a Miro Account. To do this, click the export button in the upper left-hand corner of the whiteboard, click 'Sign up', and follow the on-screen instructions

Please note, Miro Board content will automatically erase within 24 hours of opening the whiteboard. If you'd like to save the content you need to create a Miro account first (please see Step 3 above).

Enjoy all the collaborative capabilities! ✨

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